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Cryptoinvestors prefer keto diet

Nov 8

The keto diet, which is based on the total renunciation of carbohydrates, is a long-established trend in nutrition that is now experiencing a wave of popularity. It is especially popular among crypto investors and businessmen around the world. For example, Pavel Durov, a well-known entrepreneur and creator of the Telegram platform, has long been a follower of the keto diet. Adriana Lima sits on it before the Victoria's Secret show, and Elon Musk credits it with making him look stunningly young.

The keto diet works like this: you exclude all carbohydrates from your diet-not only fast ones, which are considered to be the culprits of cellulite and abdominal folds, but also slow ones like buckwheat, oatmeal, and wholemeal bread. The body is used to getting energy from the glucose that carbohydrates give it, but it can be cheated: not getting any carbohydrates at all, it will give up and find another source of energy - fat burning. And the weight will go down.

On the keto diet, you have to forget about bread and pasta, even from whole grains, fruits and root vegetables: dietary snacks with carrot sticks are not encouraged here. But you can drink milk, eat meat, fish, vegetable salads, and do not deny yourself a favorite avocado. There are also disadvantages to such a diet - if the body stays long in ketosis (a state in which the body breaks down fat without getting carbohydrates), then the acidity in the stomach increases. We tell you how the stars manage to keep the balance on the ketosis diet.


Pavel Durov

The entrepreneur adheres very strictly to the ketodiet and does not allow herself any carbohydrates even as a cheat meal. More precisely, he has even made himself forget what a cheat meal is. "No cookies, rolls or chips," is something Pavel repeats like a mantra. It seems to be working.

Elon Musk

To keep his body in a state of ketosis, Elon has his signature breakfast - fresh avocado and green vegetable smoothies. For lunch, protein and fiber are a must, like chicken and lettuce.